Monday, 19 April 2010

Remember the magic

I used to be a person that saw the connections between everything. I could look at my life and easily see the reason why this or that had happened. Even bad things - I could see the good that came about in my life because of them.

But - it's been a tough year. My partner Ben was made redundant from a highly technical (and therefore difficult to replace) job in December 2008. A week before this, we found out we were expecting a baby. The pregnancy was problem free but hard nonetheless. With no money, we couldn't do the thing expectant parents do - excitedly shop for fun baby stuff, decorate her room-to-be with all the best gear, etc. It was sad, and an unknown future for both Ben and I in the 'how will we make money' department has made for sleepless nights and anxious days.

Of course the birth of our daughter, and the joy she has brought to our lives is wonderful. It has made me completely re-prioritise everything, and also realise how short life is. However, the difficulties of this past year have made me question my spirituality. 'Why us?' I've asked on many occasions. 'What did we do to deserve this hardship?'

Funny though, how life works. It feels like with the warming weather and new growth in the garden, I'm starting to come back to life. I recently met a woman whose own experience has reminded me that we are all connected. She too has recently decided to start on a new venture and it seems that just by her conscious decision to do so, magic has certainly happened for her. Opportunities have appeared, contacts have been made, and a few dozen free lavender plants have turned up right when she needed them.

The magic is always there. When times are hard, as I well know, it is easy to wallow in 'poor me/why me'. The power of positive thinking does not always conquer all! And when you are low, it can be very hard to reach out to anyone else.

But - give and you shall receive. Help others and they will help you. When I was pregnant and skint, I swallowed my pride and asked for help, and wow did I get it! A dozen people, some friends of friends I'd never even met, gave us everything we needed. Cot, carseat, a ton of clothes, toys, everything. It was overwhelming, and magical.

Remember - we are all connected. People like and want to help others, it is basic human nature. Ask and you shall receive!